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Madi Bain - Rental Referral Queen

A chance wine-fuelled AirBnB encounter gave sustainability conscious Madi Bain a recommendation for the almost launched Onloan. Donned in hard hats to check out a space for a pop-up in North London, our co-founders met Events Producer Madi. It took less than an hour for her to be head-over-heels with the rental subscription concept. Her first loan was a fateful Kitri hot pink tea dress, sparking the interest of her flatmate, and the sharing of the Onloan love began.

Madi is that friend who…

  • Always shares her hair stylist’s phone number
  • Knows where to find the best Ramen in town
  • Will lend you her scrunchie
  • Messages you when she spots a happy hour negroni deal


Tells you where to find the best clothes.

Lou Box

A make-up and hair artist always on the hunt for cool clothes, Lou loved Madi’s pink Kitri tea dress. It took her a little while to take the plunge as she isn’t much of a shopper, but watching Madi have so much fun receiving her Onloan items sealed the deal. Her first loan was the Alexa Chung red mini wrap-dress, which she donned for a month for high fashion shoots to dinner at her favourite London hangout, Jolene.


Amanda Box
Lou's Mum

Lou’s Mum loved the concept, and loaned a Dagmar bamboo print blouse as her first piece. She’s too cool for Instagram, but we have it on good authority that she looked fabulous. Not content with referring just one person, Lou had an inkling that her friend Clare would also love the concept…

Clare Laxton

Lou’s friend, a charity sector director called Clare with a love for print, was on the hunt for elevated work wear, but instead found the perfect hen party outfit. She looked a total babe in the House of Dagmar Dora Red Floral Dress, perfectly matching the glorious summer day. Clare wanted to share her newfound fashion knowledge with a certain actor pal…

Abby Earl

Not only an actor but a mum of twins, Abby wanted to feel chic but also wanted a simple way to access her favourite brands. The Alexa Chung Vivian Gathered Tie Waist Dress ticked that box as she breezed around town with her gorgeous 10-month-old twin boys. Abby had an equally chic film friend she wanted to share Onloan with…

Francesca Moody

Francesca is a theatre producer, who produced Fleabag no less, and now loans whilst casually playing trumpet and producing kick ass theatre festivals even during the pandemic! Here she is wearing an Alexa Chung frill stripe cotton top at her latest Shedinburgh Fringe Festival. Her fashion lover friend was the perfect candidate for shaping up the way she shopped…

Megan O'Hagan

Megan saw a solution in Onloan to her Hayley Menzies obsession. Renting clothing meant she saved money AND got to try out all her favourite designers. On a break from her job as Creative Content Producer she visited her musical friend in Paris, who quickly fell in love with Onloan…

Stephanie O’Brien

Stephanie, a musician based in Paris, loved the catalogue of Onloan so much that she paid for the extra postage to get the items to her. She rocked her Alexa Chung polka dot top whilst performing in Paris and felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman at the races.

Rental queens
Cheers to being more Madi

Madi told her 10 best friends how to wear incredible designers at a great price  

For every pal she signed up, they got £30 credit and so did she. 


How it works
1. Share your code with friends and colleagues using your unique link (you can also find this via your account)
2. When they sign up for a subscription (2 or 4 items) they’ll get £30 off
3. You’ll also get £30 automatically deducted from your next subscription as a thank you.There’s no maximum number of friends you can refer. Still need help? Get in touch hello@onloan.co.