Maggie Marilyn - sustainability hero

A Green Mood


Designers, Remix

We love Designers, Remix and their commitment to making full use of already existing resources by redesigning, remixing and upcycling deadstock fabrics and garments. They are committed to making everyday clothes in the most sustainable way.

Their approach includes:

  • Fur and leather free fashion
  • Balancing 50kg of C02 for every garment they make
  • A process for sending back their clothing so Designers, Remix can make something new from something old – showing their diversity of thought
  • Mixing deadstock and vintage to create their pieces – which is why their name is Designers, Remix
  • Transparency – doesn’t everyone have a right to know where their pieces are made?
  • Magic fabrics – ensuring the fabrics they use leave the smallest impact possible. We all love a bit of magic when it comes to our wardrobes, right?
  • Providing insight for all their sustainable fashion lovers: read more here.

House of Dagmar

At House of Dagmar, they define sustainability around three pillars: Design, Ethics and Longevity. This fits with Onloan’s values – fashion can be fun and frivolous AND ethical.

They centre their approach on:

  • Design approach: by designing classical yet expressive clothes in high-quality materials, they believe that the item can be wearable year after year.
  • Washing instructions being a central pillar of the House of Dagmar experience, to maintain their quality and durability. Garment care is very important to us here at Onloan too.
  • They are at the forefront in both the search and use of new environmentally friendly fabrics, using certified viscose, organic cotton, friendly fur, mulesing-free merino wool, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, lyocell fibers and eco-regenerated cashmere.
  • Their sustainable approach means having a social conscious too, that supports women and human rights. Check out more here.

Maggie Marilyn

‘Using fashion to create a better world’ – a call to action we can get behind.

Growing up in a rural, coastal region of New Zealand, Maggie Hewitt’s appreciation for and desire to protect our natural world was intrinsically engrained. Her love for fashion led her to study Fashion & Sustainability, through which she pulled back the glamorous curtain of fashion and saw an industry that needed fixing, and fast. Maggie Marilyn was founded to make a difference in an industry that needed change.

Maggie Marilyn poses their sustainability credentials around three elements:

  • Build a brand that championed transparency
  • Empowered people
  • Ensured the health of our planet was at the forefront of every decision

Find out more here about how they are creating a better world.


Mother of Pearl

Fellow London based Mother of Pearl is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand that celebrates individuality, authenticity and sustainability.

Amy Powney, the Creative Director, said, “There’s no handbook on how to make a brand sustainable, but I wanted to know from start to finish where our product was grown or derived, who was making it and the social impacts along the way. I’ve journeyed to find the best factories, suppliers and farmers who care about the planet and its inhabitants as much as we do.”

Find out more about the importance they place on animal welfare, transparency, the environment and social responsibility here.

Olivia Rose the Label

Olivia Rose The Label is a small independent British slow fashion label, founded in 2017 by Olivia Rose Havelock. Incredibly, Olivia Rose The Label is a one woman show, and all pieces are created in her studio in Edinburgh. This slow fashion approach leads to a number of benefits – custom sizing, no two items are the same so each piece is truly special and a higher quality garment at the end of it.

A slow fashion approach is sustainable by default, by viewing each item as special, taking time to make it and ensuring it’s quality so it can be worn again and again.